Environmental commitment

SOTIPAPIER's ambition is to continue to constantly progress in its environmental performance, to contribute to improving that of its customers and to communicate transparently on its performance. Its environmental commitment is based on 3 essential axes appearing in the 2025 horizons of its vision « Sotipapier s’engage » and which are broken down by :

Collection & Recycling of Waste Paper

With more than 50,000 tons of waste paper recycled per year, SOTIPAPIER is undoubtedly the only company in Tunisia capable of absorbing and transforming such a quantity to manufacture new products and be the benchmark for "material recovery" in this field.

Wastewater treatment

SOTIPAPIER attaches particular importance to natural resources and particularly to the use of water and the impact of discharges into the natural environment for all of its activities. In order to face this major challenge of the 21st century, SOTIPAPIER has invested in the optimization of its water treatment station by adding key equipment for improving the quality of treated water (Densidisc / ASR, etc.) .


Cogeneration / Energy Production

Greenhouse-effect gas

Climate change, resulting from the increased concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, is recognized as one of the major planetary challenges of this century. Given the weight of the energy activity in its businesses, SOTIPAPIER therefore bears responsibility for this issue.

Energy control

Controlling energy consumption is a priority for SOTIPAPIER. In 2007, SOTIPAPIER acquired significant equipment (2 gas turbines coupled with 2 boilers) to develop on-site cogeneration and thus ensure electrical self-sufficiency up to 75% of the electrical energy consumed. The surplus of 25% of the electricity produced by SOTIPAPIER is put on the distribution network of the Tunisian Electricity and Gas Company (STEG) thus playing a Responsible role in Tunisia for the optimization of our energy resources.

Headquarters Address:
13, rue Ibn Abi Dhiaf,
Zone Industrielle Saint Gobain
Megrine Riadh 2014 Ben Arous, Tunisie
Factory Address:
Belli Village, 8022 Nabeul, Tunisie
Headquarters Telephone:
(+216) 71 434 369

Factory Telephone:
(+216) 72 200 120

(+216) 71 429 256