About us

SOTIPAPIER is the African leader in corrugated paper and kraft bag paper. Such notoriety is measured by the quality of the work and the unwavering commitment of employees at all stages of production.

The company has been working through its social responsibility program for the protection and preservation of our environment for a very long time. As such, in 2020, it created the "Sotipapier s’engage" platform to bring together all the associative projects it supports.

1- Governance

Since December 2012, SOTIPAPIER has been managed by a Board of Directors made up of six members with operational management provided by the General Manager, Mr. Philippe LACOSTE.

For its investment and development needs, and in accordance with its strategic choices, the operational organization of SOTIPAPIER is structured through different poles:

Production pole

Technical Pole

QHSE & Digitalization Pole

Human Resources Pole

Finance Pole

2- Our Vision

SOTIPAPIER presents the 5 strategic axes that constitute its vision for 2025 :

Maintain our position as the undisputed leader in packaging paper in Tunisia.

Open up to the opportunities of the African continent, while maintaining our strong trade links with the Maghreb.

Positioning itself with internationally competitive products in terms of quality and price.

Contribute to the preservation of our environment as a responsible company, leader in the collection and recycling of old paper and other waste.

Be part of a sustainability approach by creating value for our employees and our shareholders.

3- Our Commitment

Our commitment is based on deep convictions, both environmental and social, with particular attention devoted to the development of our employees on the one hand, and to the satisfaction of our partner clients, on the other.

Our relationships with our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders are built on mutual trust. The long-term vision of our investors allows us to bring innovation and stability, while enabling profitability. We are always investing more for the well-being and empowerment of our employees as well as for the development of social and environmental actions as part of our CSR orientation under the umbrella of "Sotipapier s’engage".

4- Our Key Figures

We recycle
more than
tons of OCC
We are
We produce
tons of PPO and Kraft bag paper
We deliver
to over
Our site is
hectares big including 3.4 covered hectares
We sell
thousand MW energy
Headquarters Address:
13, rue Ibn Abi Dhiaf,
Zone Industrielle Saint Gobain
Megrine Riadh 2014 Ben Arous, Tunisie
Factory Address:
Belli Village, 8022 Nabeul, Tunisie
Headquarters Telephone:
(+216) 71 434 369

Factory Telephone:
(+216) 72 200 120

(+216) 71 429 256