Human capital is at the center of the Human Resources strategy at SOTIPAPIER. Developing professions which are based, by definition, on human relations, SOTIPAPIER has always had the ambition to be a benchmark employer in the sector and in the market.

This ambition is based on "personnel management" which places women and men at the heart of its development strategy. Its HR policy is based on three fundamental principles:

  • Employees are at the heart of the action and major players in its success.
  • Individual and collective performance is at the center of all HR systems.
  • Dialogue and sharing culture.

To discover the Trades of the Paper and Cardboard industry

To apply, simply send your CV, mentioning the desired position to this @ :

Headquarters Address:
13, rue Ibn Abi Dhiaf,
Zone Industrielle Saint Gobain
Megrine Riadh 2014 Ben Arous, Tunisie
Factory Address:
Belli Village, 8022 Nabeul, Tunisie
Headquarters Telephone:
(+216) 71 434 369

Factory Telephone:
(+216) 72 200 120

(+216) 71 429 256